2012 Highlights | New Year Resolution

2012 was a crazy, but great year. We moved twice!! Establishing a foot hold and letting people know you are here has been the hardest part. In Dallas everything was owed  to the knot. Without the knot I wouldn't have been able to do what I love and i am completely thankful for such a good medium. Now that we are back in Georgia, we're seeking to start over again. There will be some traveling this upcoming year as weddings are booked in Texas, but i will enjoy every minute of it.

 I was Published four times in 2012, The Wedding Atlas, Bride Rush, The Chameleon, and SpikeTV!  Always honored when someone chooses my work to feature on their site, thank you. The night that the live Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 special aired there were tech difficulties if you would like to see it now since was fixed fast forward to 17 min 38 sec here.

So, what is my Resolution for the new year? Faith. In God. In myself. In my work to be able to push and say I'm here!! and would love to take your photo. Thanks for stopping by here are some shots over the last year.