April Showers Bring Beautiful Photos | Goodman Photography

"Rain, Rain Go Away, Come again on my Wedding Day..." 

Okay, So I understand not everyone will feel the same about rain on their "Big Day" or even at their engagement session. I can't tell you how many calls I get wanting to cancel a session or postpone due to weather. Understand, it isn't always possible to postpone a session and just pick it up the following weekend, and why?

There is no denying how amazing the photos in the rain and I have strung together some facts that might have you wishing for a slight shower... 

  • Fact: Sessions in the rain, although uncomfortable, are some of my favorite sessions...ever. (okay so maybe this one wont sway you...)
  • Fact: As couples go to avoid the rain, bringing them closer whether under an awning or umbrella.. 
  • Fact: Sets a tone for a more intimate setting
  • Fact: Colors will have more of a "pop" to them and a natural saturation that isn't overdone. 
  • Fact: In some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, symbolizing fertility and cleansing.
  • Fact: Got allergies? Rain reduces airborne pollen...!
  • Fact: You could see a rainbow! I mean it is a rainbow... they are neat! 

All in all there are many reasons to embrace mother nature, rain or shine! Within reason, no need to chase a tornado...unless you're into that sorta thing... 

Enjoy some of our rain shots!